Why we like to fix clocks

imageA lifetime of experience in the clock business: I learned the business from my father. My Dad’s  clock shop was in New England nearby some of the old manufacturers of clocks. Learning the clock repair business from him as I traveled “on the road” with him for grandfather clock “house calls” and in his shop. When the time came that he no longer wanted to drive I assumed the responsibilities of the day to day operations. Today, you are the beneficiary of the early training I received.

I welcome the opportunity to serve you, while some shops view your “house call request” as an inconvenience. I invite you to please inquire about a house call. My ability to repair all types of clocks, and my fast, reliable, and no-nonsense approach to “house calls” set me apart from everyone else.

Fast, dependable service. Grandfather repairs are often completed in one day. Some jobs require a few days, and a few will (at most) require a couple of weeks. No long waits, no hassles, no problems, no headaches, and no disappointment. Some shops require months, or even years, for repairs that ought to take a day, a week, or a month.

1 year guarantee on major repairs. The guarantee covers everything: parts, labor, and house calls. In terms of time and coverage, that’s the best guarantee on grandfather clock repair offered in the San Diego area.

Reliability. After I’ve performed a major repair on your grandfather clock, it will do what it’s supposed to do, and it will do so properly and consistently for many years.

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