What to expect

image* Complete disassembly

* High Vibration Ultra-Sonic cleaning

* Three separate cleaning stations

* Pivots checked and polished

* Check for wear due to improper lubrication

* Install bushings as needed

* Reassemble

* Lubricate, adjust and test

If your clock has not been serviced throughout the years, then major wear occurs. The lubricant dries and the dust and fine metal particles are abrasive to to the brass plates as the clock runs. The pivots wear against the brass grinding the round pivot hole oblong. The gears fail to mesh properly causing the clock to slow down and then stop. This usually ends up causing a major overhaul. Lubricating and servicing is recommended 2-3 years, a complete disassemble and cleaning every 8-10 years. If this is followed your clock will run for generations to enjoy.

Grandfather Clock repairs, Grandmother Clock repairs and some larger wall clocks may be serviced and maintained at your location.

When we come to your home or office to service your grandfather clock, we remove the movement from your clock. By removing the movement we are able to get to the front, back and inside of the movement to remove most of the old dirty oil and to adequately re-oil the movement. Old oil with dirt deposits in it is an abrasive material and will wear down the soft brass parts wearing out the movement.

What we do during an in home visit……….

· Remove the movement (this is very important)
· Clean the movement
· Re-oil the movement
· Re-install the cleaned movement
· Adjust and calibrate the movement
· Test the clock for accuracy
· Test the clock for any inconsistencies